About Us


9janeeds.com is an online service marketplace where people who have services meet people who need them. It offers users the freedom to advertise their products and services free of charge.

Founded in 2016, The idea of making life easier for people is the rationale behind the 9janeeds brand.

We considered the pains and the stress people go through while searching for a particular service as well as getting the quality they want: either finding it cheap or matching their taste regardless of the cost so, 9janeeds comes in to the rescue. Not only can you find any type of service you want but also choose among many with their varied fees or charges. You will find different eye-catching designs for whatever you are looking for.

If you have no shop space or an office, you can join 9janeeds.com. All you need is a verifiable location and people will find you. They can even call you immediately.

With 9janeeds your life and business become simple and easy to manage.