What is 9janeeds and what does it do:

9janeeds.com is Nigerians first online service marketplace where you can search and meet with people who have rare or common services you might want to pay for and products related to such services they offer. You can as well advertise your jobs profile, advertise job vacancies etc, on our site. 


Can I sell on 9janeeds.com: Sure! Why not? You can sell on 9janeeds.com. To sell on 9janeeds.com you must have a profile and have created a gallery of products you wish to sell including detailed information like price etc. .


Can I buy on 9janeeds.com? Yes, you can buy on 9janeeds.com. We recommend you buy from our verified users. Although, we do not  mediate or take responsiblity for any loss you might suffer while relating with people that are not verified, but verified users have higher intergrity than unverified ones. At the moment we do not mediate or verify any product you are buying from any user. Recommended seller/users have higher chances of supplying high quality products or services to you.


How do I Create a profile or advertise my services?

To create your service profile is the same as advertising your service. This is totally free but you may incur some cost while doing other things on the site. To create a profile you must register on the site. Normally, you will be taken to an empty profile page of your business after you have confirmed your email and logged in. Although, you will still be able to continue your service profile update and do every other thing you wish to do,  it is recommended that you confirm your email to remove unnecessary notifications. Once you are logged in,  click on the red Edit button to edit your profile  information. If you wish to return to your profile page anytime, click on the menu at the top and click on My Profile.


How many sample product can I upload? You can only upload up to 10 samples each having about 5 perspective images. Think of perspective images as different angle from which you have taken your car product photos such the interior, back, engine, etc. You may choose to remove old ones and update each anytime you wish. To make your profile page more attractive to site visitors, always update with new pictures. Remove old images of sold products or old desgns to give way for new ones.

What happens after creating my service profile? Your service profile will be sent to one of our administrative staff for approval. Approval takes less than 24hours after you have submitted your profile.


How do I create a sample display of my products if I am a  craftsman, or an artsan? First,  samples are a gallery of what you do.  To create a sample, you must be logged in and have had your profile approved. Go to your ‘Profile’ page as described above, click on ‘Gallery ’ on menu to your right,  fill out the required information as applied to what you wish to display and save. You can then see your sample displayed on your profile page.


How do I create an account? To create an account is about the simplest thing to do. Just click on create an account on the top menu and provide all the required information. Once you click on save, you will be informed that your initial password has expired. Provide a new hard-to-guess password and you are good to go. 


How do I get contacted: Its easy. After creating your profile, your contact address, phone number and a direction map to your business address are automatically created for you(Make sure your address is correct and you follow the guideline given while typing your address). Anyone who like or need your service will click on your phone number link to automatically dial your number on their phones immediately.


Can I change my profile picture anytime? yes, of course! If you have any reason to change your service picture profile, you can do that without delay. Go to the dashboard, on the navigation menu, select “My Profile” click on remove button beside your current profile image and add a new one

Is registering on 9janeeds free? Registration on 9janeeds.com is free. Free as in beer. 


Does 9janeeds.com charger any commission? Not at the moment.


What can I do on 9janeeds.com?: you can do a lot of things on 9janeeds.com. From creating your profile to finding the right person for your needs, 9janeeds.com help make life easier for you and your loved ones. Search for anything you want, create your job application profile, post job vacancies, create a seller profile, service provider profile, sell your  products, showcase your sample work, etc., you will always be taken back to  anything you need. You can also buy and sell on 9janeeds.com However, we advise you buy from our site Recommended APPROVED Users. Not only that, you can choose from a huge list of different service providers, their samples, products, even price range to narrow down to what suits your needs without wasting time and on top of that, it free! You don't need an office or shop to prosper,  join 9janeeds.com, it's FREE!