how to create an account

To create and account is one of the first thing a site visitor will want to know about. on we know that quite well so we have made that easy. Rememeber to always follow each step and you are sure of not having any issues with cerating an account.


On the menu at the top click the drop-down menu and seldct create account. (you may also find it elseshere such as Join Link at the bottom of the home page. this link should take you to the account creation page where you will find a form asking you to provide the following information:

Terms and Conditions: You must select the checkbox to agree to our terms and conditions in order to use our site. 

How may we help you:  Here you will selevt one of the options that suites your needs on Here are the options and their descriptions. 

Location: Select this option for your current location

Category: select this option for what your services relates to. You can select either a main category or any of the drop-down sub items. E.g: 

Main: Education

        Subcagory: Phonics Teacher, School, Tutorial College.

Main: Fashion:

       Subcategory: Footwear Designer, Bestpoke Tailor, Children's Tailor, Fashion Designer.


Email: provide a valid email. We will send you a notification but you can proceed with your registraton without further delay