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At Motorways Mazel, our state of the art equipments are the best in town and our widely experienced expatriates and engineers would guarantee your car receives the best detailed attention and care.

Our Services are :

  1. Auto Service and Maintenance (Cars, SUVs and Trucks)
  2. Auto Repair Services (Cars, SUVs and Trucks)
  3. FREE Comprehensive Scanning and Diagnostic Services
  4. Wheel Services
  5. Wheel Balancing Services
  6. Wheel Alignment Services
  7. Auto Wash Services (Exterior, Interior, Engine and Underneath your Vehicle)
  8. Auto Detailing Services (Cars, SUVs and Trucks)
  9. Auto Waxing Services (Cars, SUVs and Trucks)
  10. Auto Electrical Repairs and Maintenance
  11. Auto Body and Paint Services
  12. Auto Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance
  13. Auto Procurement and Sales Services

We have the best hands, the best tools, and all it takes to making sure you get nothing less than a professional service from us.

Our entire machineries and tools are periodically serviced by an internationally renowned machinery equipment company based in Lagos State, making sure our equipments continue to deliver at their optimal performance and in the best safety standard practices.

    Min. Charges: 
    From ₦600
    0809 923 7722

    116, Agbe Road, Abule Egba, New Oko Oba, Ojokoro. Lagos State.
    Location: Lagos, Agege

    We offer: 
    Home Service and Office, Venue Service
    Service Availability : 
    South West Only


    Work Hours: 
    Mon - Sat: 8:00 am-7:00 pm

    Sun: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

    Currently Closed

      • Our Car wash methods are an automatic and very modern technique which leaves your car, suv or truck shinning its light to the world.
      • Our workshop is managed by a widely traveled, widely experienced and highly professional expatriate who makes sure you get nothing less than the best services all round.
      • We have a FREE pickup services within Lagos State,  whereby our licensed and professional driver can come and pickup your car, suv or truck for your requested services and return it back to your requested location at NO EXTRA CHARGES !!!
      • We have a very good customer care services.
      • We give guarantee on ALL our services to further foster your trust in us.
      • There is an active discount service for corporate organizations.
      • There is a Loyalty Services Plan for Loyal customers.
      • We have an widely experienced expatriate from India fully on ground as our Workshop Manager to attend to all your auto needs.

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